Lynda Klau, Ph.D.

+1 (917) 836-9936

Anxiety & Depression

Holistic Integrative Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety


At Life Unlimited, Lynda will help you heal your depression and anxiety by truly hearing you, honoring your pain, and understanding your wholeness.

Lynda’s non-formulaic approach is a new model of psychotherapy. By drawing from several cutting-edge modalities, she will help you to stop exclusively identifying with your depressive or anxious thought-feelings, and enter the present moment.


Do you struggle with any of these thoughts and beliefs?
  • “I hardly have any energy to do what I want or need to do.”
  • “Little, if anything, interests me.”
  • “Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by sadness.”
  • “I recently experienced loss and I don’t know how to move on.”
  • “Mornings are the hardest.”
  • “At times, my mind fills with negative thoughts, especially about myself.”
  • “I don’t believe things will ever change or get better.”
  • “All I want to do is sleep.”
  • “Sometimes I feel more positive, but ultimately I fall back down into a hole. I’m fed up with this cycle. I am ready to heal my depression.”

Consider this possibility:

You heal your anxiety and now live from true calm. To your sheer relief and delight, with this clear mind you’re able to do what your anxiety kept you from doing before. Finally, you believe good things will happen.

As you work with Lynda, you will develop your ability to observe your anxious thoughts and feelings without judgment, anchoring you in a different perspective. You will explore the root causes of your anxiety in the present moment. You will begin to connect with your deepest wisdom, compassion, and loving. You will align with your authentic self, which is the source of your inspiration, passion, creativity, and natural gifts.