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Mindfulness: The Art of Cultivating Resilience
Undeniably, sooner or latter, we all have to deal with life’s realities—those hard surprises and “unknowns” that can literally change everything in less than a nanosecond. . .

Love and You: The Top Ten Tips for Loving Relationships
How many of us have learned how to build loving relationships? Where did we learn? At home? At school? There is an art and science to building strong relationships...

Reclaim your Authentic Voice: Drinking from the Well
We all yearn to be real, to feel connected to ourselves and to others. Often, however, we lose this connection. We’re not living from our deepest passion, but we cannot find a way to bring...

Transference: Cleaning up the Past and Entering the Moment
Faced with the deep uncertainty of our times, many of us desire not only to live better and more successful lives, but to find an expanded vision of who we are, through which we can fulfill our deepest potential and to contribute to the world. ...

Collaborative Leadership: A Critical Distinction
An important distinction needs to be made in the increasingly powerful field called Collaborative Leadership. There is a critical difference between a collaboration that results from...

What the World Needs Now is Our "Wholeness"
Before we learn to successfully collaborate with others, we must learn how to collaborate with ourselves. By this, I mean that we need to embrace a larger definition of who we are, which takes into account our “wholeness"...

Mindfulness: The New Zen of Time Management
It’s not an overstatement to say that the majority of us are having a significant crisis with Time and we’ve become Time’s victims. What’s more, we have no idea how to find freedom...

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