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Reclaim Your Authentic Voice:
Public Speaking and Communication Skills

At Life Unlimited, Dr. Lynda Klau’s approach to Public Speaking & Communication Skills Coaching is unique because she coaches you, the speaker, to be your authentic self. This allows you to truly connect with your audience in a natural way by having a real conversation. You will learn to listen as you speak, to become grounded in your body and in your breathing, to become aware of your physical gestures, and to be powerfully present in the moment.

Fears of Public Speaking are common, but if you experience them, Dr. Klau will work with you heal those blocks so that you can reclaim your voice in the world. In this way you will develop an ability to speak your truth, whether it be a prepared speech or a spontaneous response in the moment, from commenting in the Boardroom to simply ordering from a waiter in a restaurant.

When you need to present a prepared speech, Dr. Klau will coach you to develop one that, however technical, will also be personal and connected to your life experience. She will help you to create talks that are real for you: only then will they will become real for your audience.

Learn how to be the moving, powerful speaker you always wanted to become: the speaker who truly touches people!

Having Your Authentic Voice

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For more information, to make an appointment, or hire Lynda for Presentation Coaching: or 212-595-7373.