Life Coaching for Finding Purpose using Neuroscience & Mind Body Therapy

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Uncommon Life Coaching

Having Your Voice
Communication and Relationships
Pleasure and Play
Mindfulness and Mindsight
Living in Balance

More about Uncommon Life Coaching:

Uncommon Life Coaching engages your current strengths and skills to support you in realizing your fullest potential and manifest your visions and dreams. Step by step, it helps you translate your deepest desires into actions and concrete results.

Uncommon Coaching, a specific and unique type of coaching pioneered by Dr. Lynda Klau in 1997, works best while utilized in conjunction with the most cutting-edge coaching tools of the day, based on the body-mind-spirit connection and the power of "the present". Uncommon Coaching brings a new depth of psychological knowledge to coaching. Dr. Klau focuses on your most current visions and goals, and works with you to manifest them. If obstacles arise, she helps you identify and resolve them, freeing you to create your future.

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For more about Neuroscience & Mind Body Therapy, to make an appointment, or hire Lynda as a Speaker to help you in Finding Purpose: or 212-595-7373.