Business Coaching for Leadership, Communication, Conflict Resolution

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Uncommon Business Coaching for:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Maintaining a Work-Life Balance
  • Self-Management
  • Managing People and Projects
  • Having Your Voice
  • Dealing with Roadblocks
  • Change, Innovation and Collaboration

All highly effective people have developed a number of foundational strengths and skills that allow them to find and manifest their true passion and expertise.

With over two decades of experience as a coach and licensed psychologist, Dr. Lynda Klau offers a revolutionary approach to coaching that is informed by psychological knowledge. Coaching is not Psychotherapy. However, without a psychotherapeutic depth of knowledge, coaching may not address the root of a problem. The best of both worlds is to work with a coach who has a psychotherapeutic background.

Uncommon Coaching uses the most cutting-edge coaching tools based on the body-mind connection, neuroscience, and the power of the present. Dr. Klau focuses on your current visions and goals, and works with you to manifest them. If obstacles arise, she helps you identify and resolve them, freeing you to create your future.

Whatever your level of success— whether you’re at the top of your field or just getting started— you can always benefit from partnering with a coach who can expand your horizons and usher you into your next professional level.

As you work with Dr. Lynda Klau at Life Unlimited you will…

  • See “the bigger picture,” think ahead of the curve, and create the strategy to manifest your visions.
  • Shift from exhaustion into vitality, bringing balance to your work and your life.
  • Learn how to have conversations that foster collaborative creativity, bringing forth the potential of everyone on your team.
  • Identify and resolve conflict in yourself and others through masterful communication.
  • Prioritize your time and energy in order to avoid distractions, allowing you to apply your creativity to the real issues.
  • Embrace change, innovation and collaboration
  • Become more fully awake and effective in everything you do


In working with Lynda, I discovered my deepest wisdom and a love of self I never really knew I had. My life, in all ways, has been changed forever both personally and professionally. —Fortune 100, Marketing Executive

Having worked with Lynda over several months, I learned that I could maintain and reclaim my integrity within my interpersonal business relationships. Lynda coached me on my commitment to my own truth, which ended up in me receiving a customer check in my mailbox from a previously uncollectible account. Listening deeply and intelligently, Lynda provided a true gift to me in making sure that my own voice was heard in the world. —ICF Master Certified Coach

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For more information, to make an appointment, or hire Business Coach, Dr. Lynda Klau for Leadership, Communication & Conflict Resolution: or 212-595-7373.