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Uncommon Business, Leadership, and Life Coaching

Dr. Lynda Klau’s Uncommon Coaching works with cutting-edge tools based on the body-mind-spirit connection and the power of the present. Her approach also utilizes a psychotherapeutic depth of knowledge, which targets the roots of a problem. In this way, she helps you create the results you desire.

Uncommon Business and Leadership Coaching:

All highly effective people must develop a number of foundational strengths and skills that will allow them to manifest their true passion and expertise.

Uncommon Life Coaching:

Uncommon Life Coaching engages your current strengths and skills to support you in realizing your fullest potential. It helps you translate your deepest desires into concrete results.

As you work with Dr. Klau in Uncommon Business and Life Coaching, you will:

  • Become more fully awake and effective
  • Reduce stress and regain life balance
  • Anchor your connection to your deepest self
  • Increase your “bottom line”

In working with Lynda, I discovered my deepest wisdom and a love of self I never really knew I had. My life, in all ways, has been changed forever both personally and professionally.
—Fortune 100, Marketing Executive

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