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Self-Love is not:
It doesn’t mean you can’t love another
When we are in love with ourselves, then we can love everyone and everything forever.

Self-Love is not
how few wrinkles you have,
or how big or small your belly is,
or your muscles,
or how much money you made last year,
or, or, or
whether you are married,
drive a Mercedes,
or live in a million-dollar house.

Self-Love is an inside job!
It is a love for yourself
no matter what you do or don’t do,
feel or don’t feel,
think or don’t think,
accomplish or don’t.

Self-Love is an unconditional love,
a love without conditions,
a love that brings compassion, forgiveness, an open-heart and kindness
for yourself, for others,

True Self-Love is our Ground
We feel safe and protected,
we can go deeper and deeper into life,
embrace people who are different from us.
it is the open door to inspiration, intuition, and revelation,
and a holding space for our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

True Self-Love is our wholeness
and when we have it:

  • We have a beautiful relationship with ourselves.

  • We don’t take things personally.

  • Our relationships improve.

  • So do our conversations and communications.

  • We are deeply connected to the web of life.

  • We feel full inside, not hungry, empty, lonely.

  • It is highly likely that we will practice self-care.

  • It is highly likely that we show up and contribute our best to life.

  • We take more risks, have the courage to fail and succeed.

  • It is more likely that we celebrate the all and the everything.

  • We see more beauty.

  • It is more likely that we will succeed at our passions because they are real and true and not because we need love or prove we are enough.

When we are in love with ourselves, then we can love everyone and everything forever.  Love is the natural state of relationship between everyone.

Self Love can be learned.

On this Valentine’s Day, and everyday, whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, have a loving relationship with family and celebrate self-love! Then you will be more in love with all of life, forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!