One year ending and a new one being born,
and all through the land there is a smoldering cloak of fear.

In this year may we open to new possibility
we don’t have to be ruled by our fears—inner or outer.
There is another way and
it doesn’t mean we can’t feel afraid.

We can learn to sit with our fears, holding them with compassion,
feeling them in our body.  Rather than be afraid of our fears or believe our fears are “the truth” we can get bigger than them.
We transform ourselves.

We return to our center,
our breath slows and deepens,
we calm down
we make wise choices.

May 2016 be a year when we transform our fear
Transform ourselves and our organizations
May we live in Freedom and Peace and all that they bring . . .

“As human beings, our greatness lies  . . . in being able to remake ourselves.”
~Mohandas K. Gandhi