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Want to live and love more deeply?

Want to feel more empowered to be yourself and more creative in your work?

Want to experience letting go in your body-mind and a new kind of freedom?

Working with the breath and voice is one of the most empowering ways to learn to let go and be free. If you can’t let go in your body, you can’t let go in your mind. The more you can let go, the more you will experience the true joy of being alive.

Years ago I experienced an opening of my heart, seeing with new eyes and experiencing a transformation, a radical paradigm shift of what life is. It lasted a brief three weeks and left rapidly. But never to be forgotten.

So many of us are unaware of how we breathe and if we have an issue we don’t know how to repair it. In the early days I had no idea there was anything wrong with my breathing. Because breathing is involuntary we forget that we can use our conscious mind to affect it and change it. Voice work is a potent way of developing breathing. Voice and mind are synergistic; each helping develop the other.

When I first began studying breathing I was at my doctor’s office. He said “make a muscle” and without thinking my old habit popped in, I took a big inhale and made a muscle. Immediately I remembered my latest affirmation: “Live life on the exhale.”  So I told the doctor I wanted to make another muscle. This time making a muscle on the exhale, I observed that I used less energy and effort and had a stronger muscle. It was an epiphany.

The relaxed exhale is the key to full and free breathing, an embodied voice, and being centered in the present moment. The more you develop your exhale the more you can let go, surrender, open, be vulnerable and know your strength. The more you can connect with yourself and life.

The more you are living on your relaxed exhale, the more you are letting go, the more you are in harmony with the power of the universe.

Realizing that letting go is empowering and not weak is quite important. Letting go opens you up to yourself and allows a free self to emerge. In our culture we don’t honor letting go and not pushing; we think it’s weak.

Are you resonating with what I am saying about breath, voice and the power of letting go?

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To your fullest, richest life,

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