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The New Self-Care for Health Care Professionals: Transforming Yourself, Your Life, and Your Work

A New Program Specifically Created for Health Care Professionals with Dr. Lynda Klau

As health care professionals, we're dedicated to helping others. Sometimes, however, we focus so much on our clients' needs that we lose sight of our own. At the end of the day, caring for others should never come at the expense of our own well-being.

  • Are you more "burned out" than you realize?
  • Do you feel like you're running on empty most of the time?
  • Do you find that you're too drained to be truly present with your clients and the closest people in your life?

Has the habit of ignoring your own needs led to you work longer days? Do you see clients back to back so that you miss your breaks in between? Similarly, do you skip meals or eat them "on the run?" Are you so swamped with email, smart phones, and paperwork, even in your free time, that you've let the boundaries between work and life erode?

When we care for ourselves, we draw the necessary boundary between serving and sacrifice. We bring our full presence to our work and become the firm ground supporting our clients as they find their way.

What would it take for you to make self-care a vital part of your everyday life?


So many of us today think of self-care as medicine, something we should force ourselves to do. But true self-care is quite the opposite of rigid self-management. In reality, it's not another "To Do." It's "For You."

Self-care returns us to our true selves. It means creating a life attuned to our own unique rhythms within a flexible structure, making room for pleasure, play, and ultimately doing what nurtures us. In this way, it delivers unexpected results: the joy of creativity, spontaneity, energy, and productivity. When we bring these results to our work and to our lives, the possibilities are endless.

As you read this, do you hear yourself saying, "I'm way too tired, swamped, and busy?" I understand. But just imagine: you're not losing an hour a week, but gaining a new way of living.


FREE Teleseminar: Join Lynda in a FREE Teleseminar to discuss your challenges and goals for your own self-care, traditional self care programs and what The New Self Care offers you.

Teleconference Program: You will also have the opportunity to learn about her new innovative four-week-long Self-Care Teleconference Program, The New Self-Care: Transforming Yourself, Your Life, and Your Work in which you will:

  • Evaluate your present level of self-care
  • Assess your resistances
  • Experience the power of "one-minute" self-care solutions
  • Create your own unique self-care program
  • Acquire tools for changing beliefs and behaviors to sustain self-care day by day
  • Partner in a buddy system to maintain accountability for follow-through

This program will be highly experiential, with time for dialogue. The power is in your hands to get off the wheel of exhaustion and take your work and life to a whole new level.

For more information, to make an appointment, or hire Lynda as a Speaker: or 212-595-7373.

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