Are You Brilliant at People Pleasing
But Long to be Authentic?

A New Workshop

Dr. Lynda Klau

When I was in elementary school, I don't remember learning very much. But one day in the sixth grade I was sitting in the back of the room when our teacher Mrs. Brown stood up in the front of the room, in her grey wool tweed suit, her well-arranged blonde hair, and began to speak.


Immediately I knew something important was coming. I sat up in full attention. She looked at each one of us straight in the eye, shook her hand, pointed her finger, and said:


"If you are going to be your own person you have to get this: 50% of the people are going to LOVE you and 50% of the people are going to HATE you. You just have to get that."


Intuitively we all know this to be true. But often we have trouble living this truth because of what we needed to do to survive. In fact I spent years taking personal and professional training courses to journey from "people pleaser to authentic." I will share with you in 6 weeks what it took me years to learn.


So many of us get stuck in trying to please everyone or get unanimous approval that we don't live authentically; sometimes we don't even know who the real me is. If this is you, don't judge yourself! People pleasing is one very powerful way of surviving. However, there is another way...


Are you ready to move from people pleaser to authentic?
And experience the joy of having your real voice.


The teleclass begins in October.


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A toast to you and your life,



"You become a people pleaser to survive, you become authentic to thrive."
Lynda Klau


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